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QatarEnergy invites all prospective “Suppliers” (Defined as Manufacturers, Vendors, Suppliers, Contractors, Service Providers etc.) expressing an interest in conducting business with QatarEnergy to register and obtain a QatarEnergy SAP Vendor Code. This is a mandatory requirement for participating in Tenders, receiving Request for Quotations, awarding of Purchase Orders, entering into Contracts/Agreements and for receiving payments against invoices.

Supplier Principles of Conduct

Refer to Supplier Principles of Conduct page in the QatarEnergy website. Any Supplier wishing to conduct business with QatarEnergy is required to adhere to, and shall ensure their subcontractors adheres to, QatarEnergy’s Supplier’s Principles of Conduct in all current and future contractual relationships with QatarEnergy .

Know Your Supplier Information Submission

To ensure compliance with applicable laws, QatarEnergy requires its prospective Suppliers to complete the Know Your Supplier Questionnaire (KYS) accurately, in addition to providing the required mandatory supporting information and documents.

All information and documents submitted should remain accurate and valid and resubmitted whenever earlier submitted information or documents becomes invalid or requires update. Failure to ensure adherence and compliance to the said requirement may result in QatarEnergy reserving its right to temporarily limit business activities with the Supplier until such time as the requirement has been met.

The submission of KYS including resubmissions as and when required shall be made online through the QatarEnergy Mushtaryat portal in adherence to the said requirements detailed in the Supplier Guide.

QatarEnergy will review the submitted information, may seek clarifications / corrections and on completion of review process issue a notification of registration. Such registration does not confer any approval or pre-qualification status to any Supplier. The award of any business by QatarEnergy will be a result of established procedures for Tendering, bidding, evaluation, and award.

The use of “Mushtaryat portal” is governed by the QatarEnergy User Agreement and Supplier’s agreement to the same is mandatory. All personal information provided will be processed by QatarEnergy and/or their affiliates in accordance with the relevant QatarEnergy data protection rules.

Thank you for the interest, continued cooperation and understanding.

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